We’ve arrived in the surf zone + Free FTB mug giveaway!

We had been watching the beach from SY Esper, all alone and safely at anchor in a reasonably calm bay in the Indian Ocean. There appeared to be a resort behind the palm trees, but it looked quiet. A motor boat with no-one on it was close to shore and a couple of fishing boats came and went. There was no activity on land.

“Let’s go and find out,” said Jamie.

Millie slept on.

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So what do you do when you arrive at the bar and it’s closed? Open it yourself, of course! So Liz got behind the bar at “The Rose & Crown” in the posh (closed) resort on this sun-kissed island, and served Jamie his favourite beer.

After making the most of the place to ourselves for a day – Liz taking selfies round the pool, Jamie dreaming of being a surfer – it was time to move on.

And the charts continued to make life interesting as we navigated a narrow channel between the islands to yet another empty bay. If you found this useful, let us know, and leave your comment below.

Peace and fair winds! Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx

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