The Western Ghats Of Tamil Nadu

The Western Ghats is a huge mountain range that runs down from the centre of India to the south, where it divides the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All of these images were taken in the hill station of Kodaikanal.

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16 Comments on “The Western Ghats Of Tamil Nadu”

  1. Wonderful – my grandmother took some very similar to this in monochrome in the 50s, although I have a feeling it was in the North. I think it’s the fir trees that remind me. Anyhoo – more evidence of why they were right to give you that Photography academy membership …

  2. wow stunning very atmospheric. makes me want to get out the instruction book to my camera and turn off the auto. Bootiful!

  3. The photos, as usual, amazing to look at and I can imagine the wonder that you both felt when trying to take in those impressive views with the naked eye.

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