We’re going live!

Followtheboat is going live on youtube

After several tests and trials, we are going live to the whole world. Come and join us!

This coming Tuesday 22 Aug 2017 14:00 UTC

These are some local times:
Los Angeles 07:00
New York 10:00
London 15:00
Malaysia 22:00
Canberra Midnight

On our YouTube channel.

Subscribe to our youtube sailing channel and you’ll get a notification saying we are live.
DON’T FORGET TO HIT THE BELL next to “Subscribed”, otherwise you won’t receive notifications, and you won’t know we’ve started!

Click the alarm bell next to the subscribe button

Click the alarm bell next to the subscribe button


You will have direct access to both of us (and Millie, if she’s awake) while we attempt to answer as many questions as possible in real time!
We will be LAUNCHING OUR NEW SHOP, and revealing a discount coupon available only to those watching live!

Followtheboat's shop

Followtheboat’s shop

To have a higher chance of being answered, send us your question ahead of the broadcast…
The theme is The Pros and Cons of Living on a Boat.
Either put your question under the comments on this blog post, or reply directly to the email if you have received one (send to liz@followtheboat.com).

We’re excited about this new way of connecting with our supporters, and if this attempt is a success we hope to make it a regular thing!

Peace and fair winds

Jamie and Liz

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3 Comments on “We’re going live!”

  1. Dear Liz and Jamie,
    How are you planning for your retirement? Will you eventually become landlubbers, depending on investments in a Thai nursing home, or remain onboard the Vespers until you or the boat become too frail to sail.

    We love your videos and admire you work ethic and intellect. Richard was particularly impressed with Jamie’s show on photography. Your energy and up beat attitudes are inspiring. We are energized and educated by your example. Thank you.

  2. What are the various ways you cope with the heat? My boat even though the most well insulated one I ever had becomes unbearable in the cabin during the afternoon if its over 30 C outside. Even with some fore to aft breeze or a fan it’s not like I can cook or even eat warm food without breaking into full sweat. That’s why I fantasize about running a tiny air conditioner even if its just a fan over ice cubes or cold plate powered by those new 22 percent efficient solar panels. Thank you, don’t let me forget I owe you guys that cake (can’t hurt to dream: maybe a cool cabin to eat it in too).

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