We’re back sailing, woohoo!

We’re back. We’re out of the marina. We’re ready for the next adventure! And we have a new theme tune! Coming?!

The dodger’s finished. The rigging’s been inspected. And all the other work has come to an end at Krabi Boat Lagoon, so we’re off, back to swinging on the hook again, and we couldn’t be more excited.

After a difficult few months, we are all ready to feel the sweet sea breeze on our faces.

First stop Ko Jum (or Ko Pu, same, same but different…) a stunning hidden anchorage just 20 miles down the coast. Navionics says you can’t access this ‘lake’ surrounded on all sides by mangroves and limestone hills, but there is a way in… Just shows you what a little bit of local knowledge from those that live here can teach you.


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It was just a gentle motor sail to this hidden beauty spot, and once the anchor was down we kicked back and relaxed. A few fishermen in longtails were trolling their nets, but once they finished we listened to…silence.

Eagles and Brahminy kites flew across the water, sometimes picking up a meal, while the mangroves trilled with birdsong. Millie settled on her throne and all was right with the world.

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Peace and fair winds!


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