Weather Hampers Our Start Of Vasco Da Gama Rally

vasco-linkOurselves and ‘Roam II’ were due to leave Turkey today with the aim of hitting Rhodes to fuel and provision, meet up with ‘Storm Dodger’ and ‘Rhumb Do’ and then head off SE on Friday to meet the Vasco Da Gama rally in Port Said, Egypt. Hmmmm. Have you seen the weather lately? I’ve animated a grib file for your perusal, below.

In an unexpected turnaround of weather for this time of year the south of the Aegean is being hit with an unpleasant combination of northerlies and precipitation. Normally these die out by the time they hit the same latitude as Cyprus but these winds are whipping right across the eastern Med and across Port Said. I wonder how many leaving drinks we can get away with…

Taken from, this shows the weather for the Marmaris area next week

Taken from, this shows the weather for the Marmaris area next week. Sunday looks just wonderful.

By Tuesday next week the area just north of Egypt sees winds of 30-odd knots and a lot of precipitation.  We’re all agreed that whilst this kind of weather may be manageable for a quick 10 mile trip it’s less than preferable for a 400nm four day jaunt. The sea state alone will be rather messy after all this crap.

Just received this from Ian on Rhumb Do in Rhodes, Greece:

Don’t talk to me about weather!  Just spent the night pitching up and down at anchor in an easterly six – going seven.  We were on the concrete wall at the far end (right hand side) of the cruise port….electric and water….no charge for berthing, but it became untenable in the strong wind and after breaking lines, both Roger and I pulled off into two metre seas and anchored outside Mandraki.  Going to try and get in there in a minute, I have only about 15 litres of fuel left!

Below I have animated a grib file that was taken from 0000 today. The last frame ends for next Tuesday 3rd November. Although not clearly visible in this reduced image you can just make out the ‘arrows’ showing the strong winds coming down the Greek islands, with the last frame freezing on the strong westerlies across the top of Egypt.

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10 Comments on “Weather Hampers Our Start Of Vasco Da Gama Rally”

  1. Allez équipe Esper! Yep, sounds like more leaving drinks are in order. Take care and thanks for updates.

  2. Bet arm will have to be twisted to have another beer! Take care cuz and cuz in law and keep us posted on route. Off to Dublin tomorrow to see my niece. Love you both, Cuz x

  3. All that wind, you won’t be able to use the engine! Ha ha ha… on the plus side, we’re having an Indian summer in London!

  4. Hello Jamie and Liz, I don’t know what the problem is – plowing into an oncoming sea – just a few broken teeth as you clench them – adrenalin junkies pay for the roller coaster ride that those kind of seas give. Only thing is they are doing it in their home!!!
    Peace be with you! 😯
    Keep the posts coming!!!

  5. Hi Ya

    Wow what a buzz, we had fun cruising at 6.5-7 knots and getting to 8.3 in Northern Shadow as we sailed around the islands from Kos. Enjoy your trip, so much better than fighting the M25. catch up soon, and i will make you guys a real Pimms Love Suzie 😀

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