We Want To Go But These Bloody Sailboat Repairs!

Before heading back to the yard to complete the sailboat repairs, we met up in Jakarta. Jamie had flown from the UK and Liz from Kuala Lumpur. Now with new Indonesian visas, we were ready to crack on.

Jakarta is the perfect place for Jamie to do some street and night photography. Cities always provide inspiration for his creativity, and when they are lit up at night like Jakarta, he captures some of his most engaging travel images.

Click on the video below for more night scenes, and read last week’s post for images and camera talk.

Across the Kali Krukut, Jakarta

Sailboat Repairs in Lombok

Back in Medana Bay, the skeg and steering systems began to come together. They are finicky jobs, and in the heat and noise of the boatyard, Jamie just wanted them done, finished, completed, over with.

We want to get out of here!

Village next to the boat yard
View from Medana Bay boat yard

He prepares the skeg, while the steering cable block (which had been damaged when it was removed) is welded and repaired by Hendro.

This all means that we are now ready to put the rudder back in place…

Or does it?

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