Diving and going to hospital in Bitung

Jamie talks about the side of sailing that we don’t always show in our episodes. As many sailors will tell you, it ain’t all cocktails and white sand beaches, sometimes life gets in the way.

After 1232 nautical miles of difficult sailing and unforeseen hurdles, we made it to our destination, the place Liz had been dreaming about for over a year, the Lembeh Strait on the north-eastern tip of Sulawesi.

We sailed 1232 miles just to get ill

In our first week, we put a lot of miles in, including…

  • Exploring Bitung and the Lembeh Strait
  • Renewing our visas
  • Food provisioning in Bitung market
  • Trying “muck diving” for the first time (we love it!)*
  • Getting to grips with the hospital in Bitung
    * Loads more footage to see in a forthcoming episode, this is just a taster.

It was a relief to put down some temporary roots in what became one of our favourite places ever.

Sulawesi is certainly right up there on our “Best Destination” list.

Peace and fair winds!

Liz and Jamie xx

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