How would you set up the charging system for our solar panels?

In this episode the diesel leak defeats Liz, Jamie’s had enough of trying to get the brand-spanking-new bronze seacocks to fit, and we need your help on the solar panel installation.

Liz despairs over the diesel leak…

In other news, Millie goes missing… again. Staying in a room in the marina while the boat work goes on means she is free to roam. But she has a habit of getting stuck in places she shouldn’t.

Return of the cat…

And when Ton cracks the acrylic it becomes a swearing and laughing contest between him, Tui and Jamie.

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So we have this brand new array of solar panels on the bimini roof, along both sides of the stern and on top of the davits. They are going to need a considerable amount of new cabling, but how exactly should we tackle this, in particular what circuit breakers should we use and how should they be wired. Jamie takes us through his schematic, and asks for your ideas…

On the bright side, we’ve found a professional boat canvas worker, and he’s a long lost friend of Lek’s – it was quite a reunion.

Sen and Lek reunion…

One last message. We are now in the UK for a couple of weeks because Liz’s lovely dad passed away 23rd August. He was a great man, loved by his family.

Henry Forrester Cleere
Born 2.xii.1926
Died 23.viii.2018
“He taught me to laugh.” Liz Cleere

Peace and fair winds.


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4 thoughts on “WE NEED YOUR HELP!”

  1. I’ve just discovered your entertaining and informative blog, thanks so much for allowing us to share in your adventures. When I was a young man it was always my dream to sail away on a yacht, although it didn’t happen for me, (I’ve had other adventures though), it’s allowed me to live that dream from a distance. Sorry to hear about your late father, it’s tough losing a parent, I’ve been there as well. I can’t help with the advice that you asked for IRO your solar installation, but I did want to say hello and will be following your adventures from now on. Safe travels.


  2. There are 2 options to hook up solar panels. Series or parallel.
    Series benefit is higher voltage to controller with smaller wire but if one panel is partially shaded, ALL panels have reduced output.
    Parallel connections means larger wire is required to avoid voltage loses, but if one panel is shaded only that panel has lower output. Even rigging wire shadows can result in significant loss of output.
    I chose parallel because of shading losses.
    Good luck.

  3. Jamie, I would wire each set of panels in series rather than parallel. You can use smaller wire and a smaller breaker. You will have less power loss in the wiring and use less wire.
    A single breaker in the positive circuit is all that is necessary.

    We are still in Pangkor Marina working on our boat. New standing rigging, using dyneema. Rebuild Refrig box with vacuum panels and a lot of varnish.

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