we haven't forgotten you

We haven’t disappeared, we promise!

A happy new year to you all!

We haven’t forgotten you, and we haven’t stopped editing videos.

We took a break over the Christmas and New Year holidays but are now back to lining up new vlogs for 2022.

Here’s a little message recorded at lunchtime on 6th January…

Thank you for all your support and interest in our travels (or not travels!) in 2021. We KNOW 2022 is going to be very exciting, so please stay tuned as we shake off the restraints and get out on the water again.

Peace and fair winds!

Liz and Jamie xx

we haven't disappeared

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2 thoughts on “We haven’t disappeared, we promise!”

  1. Mandy MacGillivray

    Dear Liz and Jamie – THANK YOU! You’ve both kept us entertained and engaged for years and through the pandemic. We’ve travelled vicariously with you and learned from your boat repairs and sailing experience and especially from your sharing kind and warm interactions with such different cultures. We’ve wept at the love and loss of Millie. Now I see your beautiful display of talismans (earring and ankh) and I am heartwamed to know, whether it’s yourself or in honour of someone else, that you acknowledge acceptance 💖

    Mandy and Colin

    PS stay well – we love you both!

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