We dragged a Rocna anchor

We dragged a Rocna anchor! Yes, for only the second time in 14 years our sturdy and reliable anchor let us down. But only slightly.

In near gale winds over three days at anchor, we stayed up for 24 hours on watch, taking three-hourly shifts.

As the light breeze turned to a near gale, the fetch got up to 1m waves. On the second day we were side-on to the wind and that’s when it happened. Can you guess what we did next?

It was a difficult and tiring few days, but we discuss the lessons we learned and remind ourselves of what we would do differently if it happens again.

Then we pull up the anchor and discover one of the reasons it had a hard time keeping a grip.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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One Comment on “We dragged a Rocna anchor”

  1. Good day!

    I had some similar experiences in Thailand; my well oversized Manson Supream anchor getting fauled with plastic and other debries, specially after the 2004 Tsunami! Plastic unfortunately is everywhere an issue, and particular all around Asia.To set a bit of the mizzen holding the boat in the wind is mostly a good idea. BTW: Liz’s short hair matches perfect. Best regards from the Philippines …. (we are still landlocked and our “beachcomber-club” project on Negros, not to far from the Tambobo-Bay, is on a halt, since the Chinese maladie is still rampaging …. and interisland travelling is prohibited)

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