We are the first sailboat this village has ever seen!

We learned so much from the people of this remote fishing village, Air Putih. The kids had never seen a sailboat before and were overjoyed to show us their home. They taught us about the crops they grow, and what a clove tree plantation looks like.

We have met some incredible people and made friends around the world since starting this sailing adventure in 2006. But nowhere has stolen our hearts and moved us to tears quite as much as Air Putih. Hidden in a remote ‘fjord’ deep within the Anambas archipelago, this un-named village on Google Maps turned out to be a gem. Click on the image below to watch the video:


We watched artisans building a ‘pom-pom’ (fishing boat), learned the names of trees and fruits and had a guided tour of the local school. When we were served tea and coffee in the only shop they refused payment until we insisted.

“Sailing in Indonesia is dangerous,” according to people who have never been there. Living on a sailboat brings you into contact with all kinds of people, and without fail we have received the warmest of welcomes.

We love the people of the Anambas, and will treasure these memories for as long as we live.

Peace and fair winds!

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4 thoughts on “We are the first sailboat this village has ever seen!”

    1. We didn’t say we were the first sailboat in the Anambas, Bernard! We asked the local people of Air Puti if they had ever seen a sailboat anchor outside their village and they said ‘no’. Sorry for any confusion. We’ve emailed you separately. Thanks for commenting!

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