We're splitting up

We are splitting up!

[S04E16] Yes, that’s right, we are splitting up! (Before you continue, please read the title image again…)

In this week’s video podcast, we have a chat about Jamie heading back to the UK, and Liz staying behind on SY Esper.

Here are the time codes:

00:00 Why are we splitting up?
01:16 This is why we don’t play the algorithm game!
05:31 Where are we, and where are we going?
07:14 Why is Jamie going?
09:40 What will happen with the podcasts and vlogs?
11:28 We love Indonesian street dogs
14:37 Living on a boat on the hard stand
14:53 We love dragon fruit!
17:35 Why we’re using DISCORD instead of other platforms
18:58 Jamie has 6500 UNREAD EMAILS!!
20:27 We’re bored of social media, are you?
21:25 Is this the best mechanic in Lombok?
23:35 Thailand is best for boat projects
26:24 Air fares are very expensive now!
27:34 What shall we talk about next in our podcasts?
28:19 Liz can’t wait for Jamie to go!

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liz and jamie are splitting up

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