How to secure your dinghy in waterspouts, lightning, and squalls!

Waterspouts are scary things and you really don’t want to head into an anchorage with one streaming over the top of it. But that wasn’t the worst of our worries. With unknown reefs and rocks scattering the seabed running aground was a distinct possibility, and in an isolated part of Indonesia with no-one around to come to our aid we would have been in a precarious position.

Overfalls and standing waves

A 6kt counter current through the channel towards our planned anchorage meant cranking up the engine to 1500rpm. That’s when all the maintenance pays off. If we hadn’t kept our Beta engine in full working order we would still be stuck in a deserted bay somewhere in the Java Sea!

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Millie looks on

And with all this was going on, Jamie still finds time to demonstrate how we hoist our dinghy and secure it to the davits.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx

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