Wasting A Day Of Perfect Sailing Weather

The pilot guide describes Goçek bay as offering some breathtaking sailing in flat seas. They weren’t wrong about that as we headed into the bay and hit a building F5 square on the nose. What a shame we had only come round to motor from one anchorage to another. We hadn’t stowed and so the boat wasn’t in a fit state to heal over for sailing. Instead we trudged around under engine whilst jealously watching some real sailors do their thing with the wind.

What was more frustrating, however, was the fact that we had chosen a Saturday to move from our quiet little anchorage to bay after bay littered with weekend stinkpots hogging up every available spot. On one occasion we approached a quiet little corner in Sarsala Iskelesi, slowed down the engine ready to reverse in, when a **** in a stupid red motor boat overtook us, dropped his anchor and tied up to a tree as Liz and I looked on, aghast, with arms raised. And you wonder why sailors dislike motorboat owners. What a prize a-hole.

What a waste of diesel

What a waste of diesel

As you can see from our tracked log from that day we went into an anchorage, found it over-populated with weekenders, and went out again. Each time we were hitting that southerly, now a F6, which hampered our progress and made for a frustrating afternoon’s motoring. Still, at least we got to see half of Skopea Limani, the western side of Goçek bay. We ended up in a recommended anchorage called Boynuzbükü, which is where all the liveaboards tend to hang out when in Goçek.

Boynuzbükü. A fantastic anchorage for liveaboards.

Boynuzbükü. A fantastic anchorage for liveaboards.

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  1. We are going anurod the world with our Hallberg Rassy 352, for 2 years with start in October this year. Setting off from our hometown Barcelona.

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