Volcanoes and Earthquakes (in the Ring of Fire)

volcanoes and earthquakes

We are sailing in the Sunda Arc, which means volcanoes and earthquakes. Many of those volcanoes are active, and earthquakes happen on a daily basis.

volcanoes and earthquakes

Sunrise alien cloud

Mount Tambora

In 1815 Mt Tambora erupted, throwing into the air 20 cubic miles of ash, pumice, rock, gas and around 60 megatons of sulphur. As a result, 1816 was known around the world as “The Year Without a Summer”.Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Then, in 1883, Krakatoa was responsible for the loudest noise in recorded history! Both volcanoes are very much still active. We anchored in the Krakatoa caldera just after a more recent explosion in 2018 blew the top off Anak Krakatoa (Son of Krakatau).

Would YOU anchor beneath an active volcano? KRAKATOA Pt 1
Where’s the scariest place YOU’VE been? KRAKATOA Pt 2

Yes, there is fear, but like the people who live here, you learn to put it out of your mind.

volcanoes and earthquakes

There are always fishermen

As part of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, the Sunda Arc is constantly on the move with earthquakes appearing on our Earthquake app most days. We don’t notice them when sailing, but you can often feel the earth trembling, and hear the trees shaking when you go ashore…

Watch the full video with the following chapters:

00:00 Earthquakes and volcanoes: leaving Satonda island
00:48 Searching for shelter on Sumbawa island
02:57 Our log is working
03:47 Local currents and wind
04:49 Sailing beneath Mount Tambora
06:17 Spectacular local weather systems
08:12 Finding remote Sanggar anchorage
10:00 Big weather coming through
11:32 Undeveloped Sambawa: Sleeping Giant
13:04 Sailing through squalls and white outs to Bima

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