Underwater Photography For Beginners

underwater photography for beginners

If you’re looking for advice on underwater photography for beginners, this is a good place to start. Because that is exactly what Jamie needed when he upped his underwater photography game.

During a break in the unremitting greyness of lockdown and movement control orders, we had some sublime weeks of sunshine and colour. So, with an easing of business opening restrictions and some inter-district travel permitted, we made the most of the fantastic west coast of Sabah. But this time we went exploring under the water.

underwater photography for beginners

Liz re-took her PADI Open Water certificate (the last time had been back in the early 90s), while Jamie began to get to grips with underwater photography.

In Episode 267 (see below for link), Jamie talks about how he has refined his techniques using some pretty basic equipment. He reveals the cameras he uses and the add-ons he’s bought. He also makes suggestions about what to buy as a new set-up.

underwater photography for beginners

Bamboo shark hiding under rock

The biggest challenges for successful underwater photography are lighting and stability. These can both be addressed during the filming and photography process. But sometimes the only way to rectify what you’ve seen with your own eyes on screen is in post-production.

underwater photography for beginners

Majestic feather-star in true colour on right

Jamie’s Top 3 camera recommendations

This list is based on Jamie’s own experience. Of course, there are plenty of other options available, and some fantastic dedicated underwater cameras at mind-bending prices.

Why use these cameras?

The Tough and GoPro are versatile cameras and both do good work out of the water. So for budget-conscience cruisers like us they are the perfect choice. Because of their waterproof qualities, we use the Tough in the cockpit and the GoPrp around the deck to capture what we are experiencing.

Watch the full video here…

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Liz and Jamie

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One Comment on “Underwater Photography For Beginners”

  1. Thanks for the information, nicee!
    I have recorded a couple of times underwater and it has been with my cell phone and well, honestly it costs a lot, the biggest problem is the movement, the force of the water and my hand shakes too much.
    In addition, my cell phone I had to put it in a waterproof lining and it makes the image look a bit blurry and loses quality.
    I’ll try a GoPro.
    It will be much better for sure.

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