Two Twats In A Boat

bottlePlease forgive us if the title of this little trip is offensive but we’ve rather taken to the word ‘twat’. We frequently call each other by this very endearing name. Liz likes the title of this log entry because it sounds like ‘Three Men in a Boat’, but I think it’s appropriate for us as we’re still beginners at both this sailing malarkey and being live-aboards. Indeed this trip is the first where we have actually left the security of the Bodrum peninsular and moved further afield.

Just like the old school days of follow the boat I am writing this as we progress each day, rather than it being a reflective journal. Right now we are anchored in over 20 knots of wind and Esper is yawing about the bay and I really don’t know what the next entry will be – we’ll either have successfully hooned it down towards the Greek island of Simi, or we’ll report back on how we had to get Esper dragged off the reef, which is about 20m from us as I type!

Whatever the outcome this is a big and challenging adventure for us, possibly one of the biggest to date. Bear in mind that whilst Liz and I have now owned Esper for three years we’re still very new to her and to the Turkish Carian coast. So far Liz has only been as far as Knidos, and I’ve not been much further myself. Crossing oceans in other people’s boats as crew is one thing, but taking charge of your own vessel with just your partner for security is a big deal and breaking out of the Bodrum peninsular is a significant step forward for us, albeit a small one. Remember we have only five years sailing experience between us.We aim to get to Marmaris, maybe further afield, and back again within the next five weeks in time for Jason and Orla’s wedding in Ireland. That’s to say we will get the boat back to Yat Lift in Turkey in time for their wedding, not sail to Ireland in that time. You know what I mean.

Let’s see how we get on……

Oh dear
Oh dear

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