Turkey to India Video: A Geography Lesson For Kids

We have put together this ‘educational’ video for children aged between 5-10 but at 50 Liz was just as entertained, so we hope everyone gets something out of it.

Using Google Earth we have animated the course that we took on the Vasco Da Gama rally from Turkey to India. It starts off with a few clips of the rally boats to give children an idea of what a boat looks like when it is sailing but the main part of this clip is an explanation of each country visited and where they are in relation to the UK.

We put this together to accompany the podcast we’ll be publishing in October for Nancy Lake’s class at Wybunbury Delves Primary School. Nancy’s class, who have asked us a whole range of questions about what it’s like to live on a boat, is aged between 10-11 but the commentary on this video clip is more suited to 4-7 year olds.

We hope you enjoy it. It was great fun to put together and we look forward to reading your comments.

Don’t forget you can view the following film full-screen by clicking the button in the bottom-right of the clip. If you are in a country that doesn’t allow youtube then you may view the clip here.

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14 thoughts on “Turkey to India Video: A Geography Lesson For Kids”

  1. I like the ‘Be nice to your teacher bit too’ especially coz that’s me!!!! Children really enjoyed it Jamie and I’m sure I’ll be asked ‘Can we watch again?’ Follow up work around a huge world map tomorrow I think!!

  2. takes me back to “the net” in marmaris, turkey, a regular morning radio exchange of info amongst a hundred odd (yes odd) yachties/liveaboards in the huge marina there. one friday i announced “well, the ladies have got their coffee morning, the grown-ups their karaoke, hey, but whaddabout us kids? well, come along to stargazing at the kid’s club at five o’clock when we’ll look deeper into mars and martians”. a dozen wide eyed youngsters, some with parents in tow, eagerly came along to see a bit further in life – great fun for all. so much more rewarding is giving than taking – well done once again jamie & liz.

  3. Hi Jamie, Liz and Millie,
    Love the video and am looking forward to the podcast. I am teaching 10/11 year olds who will also love to see this as might other classes so I’ll spread the word. Just bought two black fluffy Cochin chicks (10 weeks old). They need names, anything springs to mind let me know.
    Love and best wishes from The Cowrie Crew

    1. Hey Cowrie Crew! Great to hear from you, hope you are all doing well. I may even be able to pop in for a visit, I’m due for an annual trip to Woodbridge. Could you email me your contact details?

      As for names of your Cochin chicks, they can only be called ‘Jamie’ and ‘Liz’ 😉

  4. Jamie, whats that piece of music at the beginning of the Vid ?? I’ve got ton’s of that kind of music on the Ipod, I think I’m half way to India before I’ve even got the boat in the water, only thing that keeps me sane !

    1. Hi Neil. Thanks for the comments. Firstly regarding your comment about the route we took: despite the piracy situation, which is moving south anyway, you would be missing out on some of the most beautiful parts of the world by not seeing Sudan and Eritrea. Simply out of this world. I’m still not 100% convinced that I want to continue eastwards, such is the attraction of the south of the Red Sea. Secondly the music… good question. It’s from a CD I bought in Turkey (hence no copyright). Unfortunately I am now in the UK and the CD is on the boat so bung me an email in a month and I’ll chase it up for you.

      You can find another track from that CD in the aerial video shots of Esper under sail in Gocek, Turkey. Check it out here.

  5. There was definitely a little ‘Mr Ben’ there, Used to watch it religiously (oh, sh*t, Not the ‘R’ word again, ignore it please !).
    Nice little Vid, I think I’ll stick to the Cape of Good Hope route to get us to India tho. I’d rather spend twice as long getting there than do the Somalian rat race, Tho if I had a GPMG with a couple of thousand rounds I’d think again.
    Like the ‘Be nice to your teacher’ bit, not the ‘please don’t stab, batter, sue, abuse or have sex with your teacher’ FAR more ‘glass half full’ thinking. Back onto the boatbuilding now, I’m spraying the dog house sides today, Yippeee, at last….

  6. I’ve just watched…brilliant!! I think I’ll make copies of this (and pod cast answers) to go in each child’s study work books on disc! Can’t WAIT to show them……and I think we’ll have a sharing evening at some point so that the parents can come in and see/hear the work the class (and you) have been doing!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t believe you’re goint o all this trouble on our behalf!

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