Having fallen in love with Suakin and the people there, it was time to depart and move on. It was a bit like saying goodbye to a loved one and Mohammed, the man who organised everything for the yottie, was there to see us off. There was a bit of a false start as the weather played havoc with our decision-making and some boats ended up staying.

Trinkitat is a desolate anchorage that’s open to the north. This didn’t matter as we were going to stay here to see out some southerlies. Despite the use of the adjective ‘desolate’, it was still a fascinating spot. We had a barbie on the first afternoon…

Dan of 'Still Dreaming' fame

Gibson and Nadeesh of 'Mistral' walking Lo's doggies

… and next day a few of us went for a wander across the sand dunes and towards the flat, marshy divide amongst the coral islands.

Debs of 'Eeyore'

The walk provided some interesting still-life photography and plenty of twitching.

Meanwhile Dan of ‘Still Dreaming’ went ashore with Nadeesh and Gibson of ‘Mistral’ and played footie with the local soldiers! This was the first time any foreigner, ney any non-military personnel, had every done so!


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5 Comments on “Trinkitat”

  1. Great photos – really gives a sense of where you’ve been from the comfort of my desk …. Boo Hoo

    BTW – I think your WTF? is a Dolphin skeleton.

    Have fun


  2. Great photographs – such detail and stunning colours! – especially the last one! Thanks for a pic of my sister, Deb of Eeyore too! She looks like she almost belongs there. LOL! Love your stuff Jamie! Thanks for sharing! ~connie 😛

  3. This comment from my mate Dr. Stuart W. Bunting who masters in Marine Biology (just Google his name) –

    “yes looks like a dolphin to me and that something has had a go at its tail leaving the stump”

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