Next passage: west coast of Sumatra to Krakatoa!

Are we still on track with our passage plan to Alaska via Japan?

Yes, we are! In March this year Liz walked us through the passage plan and you may remember that we expected to leave Thailand in April 2019. That’s still very do-able, if anything we are ahead of ourselves.

In case you haven’t already watched, click this image to see the full passage plan explained, with maps:

Passage plan to Alaska via Japan

So, since we will be ready to leave after Christmas, we thought it would be interesting to start early, and begin our adventure via a 2500 mile detour round the west coast of remote Sumatra.

The usual route east takes you through the Malacca Strait, round Singapore and over to Borneo, but you can’t do that until the SW monsoon sets in May/June. And besides that, we’ve been that way before! So we are planning to start early by sailing to Jakarta, then to Kuching in Borneo. This will mean crossing the equator for the first time on board SY Esper!

Leaving Phuket in February, we will make our way south along west coast Sumatra, past all those surfing destinations, through the Sunda Strait via Krakatoa to Jakarta. Then we will head over to Kuching, taking in islands in the Java Sea and South China Sea along the way.

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While we travel, we hope to capture footage and images of places seldom seen by cruisers. Although the west coast is a good jumping off point for crossing the Indian Ocean, sailboats seldom cruise the entire coast.

It is likely we will have to adapt as the voyage progresses. Weather, natural phenomena, political changes and other unforeseen circumstances mean we may have to alter the route slightly. For those interested in specifics, here are the co-ordinates:

AO CHALONG 7°48.7848N 98°22.779E
PULAU WEH 5°52.8774N 95°19.0875E
KRAKATOA 6°7.1602S 105°25.3822E
JAKARTA 6°6.9284S 106°48.725E
BELITUNG 2°33.52S 107°40.61E
NONGSA 1°11.8493N 104°5.7766E
ANAMBAS 3°13.2712N 106°13.0648E
KUCHING 1°38.3035N 110°28.8662E

Some of the places we’ll be visiting…

Peace and fair winds!


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4 thoughts on “Next passage: west coast of Sumatra to Krakatoa!”

  1. I did not realize that Esper has not crossed the equator, are you and Liz still pollywogs? If so do you have the ceremonies planned out for appeasing King Neptune?

  2. Debbie Pinkham-Salt

    HI Liz and Jamie,

    I contacted Lanta Animal Rescue and they got back to me saying that the Marina wants to get the kitties spayed as it seems there are a lot of them and they have had people make comments about the kitties so could you be so kind as to give me the managers’ name so the shelter can contact him to arrange for the kitties to be spayed. I’m trying to get things going before more kitties end up pregnant.Hope you are both happy being back on the water and Millie is back to her old self.
    Take Care,
    Debbie Pinkham-Salt

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