Thrashing The Skipper At Backgammon? Pah!

We set sail on Esper at 3pm 5 hours later than planned. First maritime lesson don’t drink raki the night before your initial voyage. After collecting the belongings we had left around various venues in Bodrum, a bag in the Marine club, a cardigan on the boat and jogging our memories of the night before with all the random photos we had taken. Did I really get wheeled home in a trolley? and were they really three Russian prostitutes? – well as they say what happens in Bodrum stays in Bodrum…

Too much raki
Too much raki
Not enough raki
Not enough raki

Despite a forecast to the contrary, at the weather centre, when we left Bodrum marina the wind was whipping up a gale so we managed a proper sail with the boat tipping over on its edge and sails billowing in the wind. Russel and I managed to have a go at steering and got some idea of how it all works. We discovered Jamie to be a patient and clear skipper which was good considering I was barely keeping my lunch down. Second maritime lesson Travel sickness pills don’t work on a hangover.


We arrived in Ortakent in time for a swim – well the boys did I lazed on deck and read my book. We had anchored on Noah’s mooring – very kind of him- I hope this was not indicative of floods. It was then that we spotted the pirate flag, we saw no sign of pirates but the skull and cross bones was enough to keep us on our guard. We rowed to shore after sundown (and thrashing Jamie at backgammon!) under the light of the moon, with just the quiet sound of the oars splashing in the water alerting the pirates to our existence.

Dinner consisted of Shish Kebabs and plenty of fluids shared with the cutest small cat.

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