Thrash The Skipper At Scrabble? Double Pah!

Awoke fresh and lively after being gently rocked to sleep all night in the cosy cabin (thanks Jamie for giving up your bed for us!) waves lapping at the side. We swam before breakfast and even ventured on to land to explore the hobbit hole – the pirate flag was no longer flying so we felt safe. Today we learnt more about Jamie’s culinary tastes as we were treated to breakfast of honey, yoghurt and banana. Yum Yum.

gumviewWe set sail again and arrived at Catal Ata for a lunch stop and swim. Jamie knocked up a sumptuous lunch of green beans, rocket, tomato and cheese salad. We continued to Gümüslük where I learnt more about doing the log book and some sailing terms. Port (The Skipper LEFT his RED PORT on the boat) and SHERRY oops no I mean STARBOARD is the right and should go in by the green light. (See I was listening Jamie). We also developed further our Pirate names as we were still on alert for atTaçk. We made it to our destination in time for a swim and the longest game of scrabble in the world where Long John Furlong made up words like Ug and Eh, which were amazingly in the scrabble dictionary given to him by the first lady of Esper Liz (Thanks for that Liz!). The game resulted in a win for Rusty Peg Leg, in second place First Mate Fi Fi putting LJF in last place which just goes to show cheats never prosper!

Esper at anchor, Catal Ada

Esper at anchor, Catal Ada

scrabbleWe finally managed to row to shore (not so wary of the pirates this time – unless they wanted cheese and a scrabble dictionary we had nothing much to offer them). We had dinner at Gurktan’s place lovely mezze followed by Baklava (not Balaclava). Which I think is where our addiction to the lovely stuff began. Gurktan is quite a character and regailed us with tales of London in the 60s and his four ex wives! He also found out I could not sing so spent the rest of the evening trying to make me sing – he would have been sorry because even though I think I have an amazing voice I have yet to find anyone to agree with me.

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