Those Spanish Senoritas Again!

Today is my last night in Spain and this is why I don’t want to leave:


More pussy!
More pussy!

Baiona (Bayona) is one of the most popular port towns on this stretch of our journey, with facilities for the yachtsman and sights for the tourists. And for the hot-blooded English man there is much window shopping to be done! Conny and I spent the afternoon in a café watching the world (read ladies) go by. Damn, the Spanish senoritas are so fine that this Saturday evening spent drinking cocktails in the local bars was just too much for me to handle. When I suggest that the Spanish female race is probably the prettiest I have come across I really don’t think it was just the copious amount of vodka martinis I drank that lead me to walk round with my tongue dragging on the floor (the barmen, bless them, have never heard of vodka martinis so you get a neat vodka in one glass and a neat martini in the other – how you drink it is entirely up to you). Only now, after all these years, do I understand why Gav, having spent a year working in Madrid, would harp on about the Spanish ladies. Damn it, even Lorraine turned into a lesbian this evening (her words, not mine) and did a great job of spotting some of the beauties who decorated the streets. Never in so many years have I felt so alive! For one evening in Baiona I became a teenager again.

fSam, Lorraine and I continued the fiesta into the night by forcing ourselves onto some local chaps and bum rushing a new club. I say club but this was more Miami Vice style party! A huge, colourfully lit ornate villa, many stories high, bars on each floor, balconies spilling over with semi-naked women and a beautiful garden with tables and chairs laid out for those not wanting to dance. For one evening the language barrier was irrelevant as I spent most of the night wandering round, sozzled on vodka martinis just soaking up the warm vibe. If this is what Spain is really like then I have no desire to leave.

gHeh heh. All this talk of Spanish women but I don’t think I’m in with much of a chance. We have now been at sea for 4 weeks and I’m still on my first bar of soap. This is good since I have two spare, meaning I can continue my rigorous weekly shower routine for the foreseeable future, after which I’ll have to wash myself in coconut oil and banana juice.

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