They’ve never seen a sailboat

never seen a sailboat

What started as a couple of perfect, lazy days of sailing got even better when we stumbled across one of the friendliest villages we have found. And they were even more surprised than we were, because they had never seen a sailboat at anchor outside their village!

never seen a sailboat
The people we met in Posilagon in north Sulawesi are a cheerful and welcoming bunch. And when you consider they had never seen a sailboat before, it was amazing and heart-warming how they took us into their homes, gave us ‘kopi’ (coffee) and let us wander around their small community.

never seen a sailboat

Laundry day at Posilagon

never seen a sailboat

Saddam’s uncle’s house

Flowers at every turn in Posilagon

never seen a sailboat

Jamie with Saddam, our self-appointed ‘tour guide’

As you all know, this is what it’s all about for us. We love nothing more than being allowed a glimpse into the different ways people live around the world. We hope our video interests you too.

Perfect lazy sailing

Meet Saddam, his wife, her cats, their neighbour and the rest of the community in our video:

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