There’s something HORRIBLE in the water!

What is going on in the Java Sea? Illegal fishing. A sloppy-choppy swell. Chattering-clattering coming from our prop. Something really horrible in the water! Leaving Krakatoa and heading towards Jakarta hurtles us slap bang into civilisation and all that means…

The passage to Batavia Marina in Jakarta was an uphill slog through tumbling waves and counter currents. Along the way our prop began chattering, meaning Jamie had to take a look underwater. But with all the detritus swilling around it was not a job he relished.

But sailing isn’t just about battling through crappy waters. In fact the sailing community is a positive one and we have an exclusive for you which demonstrates what a proactive bunch sailors can be…

The further we sailed from the Mentawais and Indian Ocean, the more the rubbish began to build. By the time we reached the waters around Jakarta it was like nothing we had seen before, with the possible exception of Mumbai in 2010. We’d heard it was bad, but this was shocking.

We’re sure many of you will have your opinions on whose fault this is, but rather than joining the blame game we have a POSITIVE story to tell, a beacon of hope from the next generation of young sailors…

Take a look at the video for more information on what the SeaMonkeys are doing!

Help us put out more quality work,
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It costs less than a cuppa tea…

We first met the Sea Monkeys through a Facebook sailing group, and have shared information with the family over a couple of years. When Dad, Carlos, announced production of their first turtles made from recycled plastic we ordered two and agreed to meet up.

Liz on board with the SeaMonkeys

The family are:

  • Sydney (Project CEO)
  • Indi (project animator)
  • Sarah (cartoonist/designer)
  • Carlos (machine and muscles).

As full-time liveaboard sailors, Sydney and Indi are home-schooled aboard SV SeaMonkey. While studying the environment in lessons they looked outside their sailboat and felt compelled to use their unusual position to do something practical about the build-up of plastic in the sea.

They saw that awareness of single-use plastic pollution is growing around the world, and that some nations are spending time and money in trying to reverse the problem. Great! But Sydney and Indi wanted to take awareness of the plastic problem a stage further, and looked for a practical way of involving local communities in solving the problem. 

Skilled labour at work

They partnered up with Precious Plastic Machines and began to build their own simple version of the machine for easy installation around the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea.

Shop and donate!

Each workshop now collects single-use plastic and turns it into up-scaled items for sale, either through the SeaMonkey website or in strategic retail outlets around the local area. You can donate to the project or buy a turtle, which will be shipped anywhere in the world.  Just click here! 

How retailers and businesses can get involved!

If you are a retailer or business, and would like to order a special product for your brand get in touch through the website, or email direct to: 

They are working with Body Shop Asia (key fobs) and Adidas (coasters) at the time of writing, and the workshops will make to order in any quantity. Maybe you want a dolphin, a star fish, coasters, key fobs or ear-rings! All the merchandise comes with the cool hanging tags which tell the SeaMonkey story.

Cool hanging tags telling the SeaMonkey Project story


Watch the video and you will find out how to win a turtle, we have two to give away!

Click to watch the video and find out HOW TO WIN A TURTLE!

Please help spread the word by sharing this post everywhere you can – social media, messages, emails, on your own blog. You’ll make us, the SeaMonkeys, the local cooperatives and the planet VERY HAPPY!

The amazing talented SeaMonkeys

Sarah’s a professional artist, and you may be familiar with her work as the Cruising Cartoonist at the Coconut Telegraph cruising comic. She can be found on Facebook and on her website

Indi has his own budding animation channel, check it out on YouTube. Look for Indi Steenland Productions

Do you have a favourite conservation or environment cause we should all know about? Add a link in the comments below.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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