The Times Shortlists FTB AGAIN!

I wonder if the picture editor of The Times is as bored as we are of seeing Jamie’s photos? Apparently not, as he was runner-up again this week with one of his recent images from Fort Cochin. Just kidding, Jamie, keep ’em coming, I’m so proud of you.


Screen-grab from The Times Online


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4 thoughts on “The Times Shortlists FTB AGAIN!”

  1. Sorry but I think I would need a very strong staocmh to eat some of those dishes, especially after seeing goats, cats & chickens roaming freely. Maybe they are the health & safety inspectors-if it does not kill them it’s ok for you to eat! Nonetheless the photos are, as always, excellent.

    1. Thanks, Ma! They’re tomatoes and they’re as fresh as the ones I have just cooked up for my cauliflower/pineapple/corriander/tomato curry. Not quite on a par with Turkish tomatoes but at 40p a kilo, who’s complaining?

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