The Suez Canal Part 1

This is the first of two podcasts recorded as we transited the Suez Canal from north to south. We set off from Port Said around midday, took in the afternoon sun and watched as a huge convoy passed, and spent a bit of time chatting to our pilot. Learn a bit about Egyptian families, the types of ships that pass and what goes on on the canal.

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4 Comments on “The Suez Canal Part 1”

  1. Good podcast, brings back the memories of my time in Port Said, are you sure that guy with you didnt used to work with me!!! Glad to hear that your travels are progressing, and we wish you all well, please pass on our best wishes to Ian, Roger and family, the kids really miss Leah too. We are enjoying life in Oz, but miss Nisroc, look us up if you get here, always got a cold beer in the fridge and can easily throw another burger on the Barbie. 8)

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