The Streets Of Madurai

The streets of Madurai are a bustling chaotic mass of energy. One doesn’t have to walk far to get a great picture of the people going about their business, weather selling, carrying, begging or playing. I tried my best to get some surreptitious, objective viewpoints but as soon as you point a camera at a Tamil, they smile and pose!

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2 Comments on “The Streets Of Madurai”

  1. Hi Jamie, I just looked right through your Streets of Madurai set and I have to say your composition has been transformed obver the last six months or so. Some really nice stuff there.

    1. Hi Mike, I think you probably realise by now that observations like that coming from you mean a lot to me. Thank you. The set is part of a yet-to-be-published blog post, so soon you’ll be able to see the photographs in their true context. The first of that series of posts comes out later today.

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