The Dhavari Slums of Mumbai

This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for! We finally get to visit the slums of Mumbai, taking in Dharavi, where parts of Slumdog Millionaire was filmed, as well as the poorer central Mumbai slums where we take in street dwellers living in wendy houses and glorified bunk beds. Despite this, we were almost always welcomed with open arms. Please note that we use the word ‘slum’ with caution, as it’s a word that can offend. We use it purely for search engine reasons.

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One Comment on “The Dhavari Slums of Mumbai”

  1. Brilliant!!! We made a start today on our India topic and I’ll share this with the children next week! It is VERY important that the children don’t harbour the misconception that India is just poor so the contrast between the slums and other areas of the city will highlight that! What a great podcast!! I know it’s only coincidence that we’re doing India as our topic this term but, yet again, followtheboat will be educating and informing us!!!! Thank you!!!!

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