The Reins of Indies Curry House

15Yet another fantastic sunrise sets my morning watch off nicely, though it was nothing compared to the evening’s sunset, which was the most intense I’ve seen on this trip yet.

The Reins of Indies

The Reins of Indies

Today’s highlight was Simon’s new fairground ride, “The Reins of Indies”, which consisted of a rope hung out the back of the boat with two loops to slip each hand through. Throwing oneself off the back of the boat the body was immediately stretched horizontally as it’s dragged out the back of the boat, which was travelling at around 5-6 knots. It was like a high powered water jacuzi and water massage in one. The only problem was ensuring your trunks were done up properly. I almost lost mine on my second go!

33After watching the sun set with a whisky and coke we then went out to the local curry house, “Ocean Indies Tandoori Restaurant”, located at 16’ 44N, 47’27W. Each of us had cooked a dish to share, including Kamaljit Reekar’s (Simon) peshwari naan! I knocked up a Bombay potato, which included an entire bulb of garlic, but the best dish was the “Ocean Sag Special”, concocted by Ravi Rich and Timmy Sing. Jammu Jim’s and Shankamich’s “Deep Sea Dahl Delight” was the perfect starter. Because I didn’t catch anything today I couldn’t make my dorado balti. I was still in mourning at my loss.

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