Capt Ron on his birthday

The overwhelming kindness of strangers

One of the ‘perks’ of publishing our adventures online is reading and responding to the feedback we get. From youtube comments to emails, we love reading what people have to say, not just about our website but about themselves too. In the last week we received two heart-warming communications from two kind Americans.

Capt Ron and the Fishing Knife

Recently we were sent a fishing knife by one of our youtube viewers. Capt Ron clearly felt that we were in need of a decent filleting tool after watching our recent episode in Ko Rok where Jamie is seen unsuccessfully hacking away at a grouper. Out of the blue, Ron sent an urgent message requesting our postal address which, fortunately, was back in the UK at the time. He explained that we were in need of a decent fishing knife and proceeded to order one through Amazon, sent to our UK address! Exactly how cool is that?

Capt Ron on his birthday
Capt Ron on his birthday

Capt Ron, it turns out, is a liveaboard himself. He lives on a 42′ Gibson houseboat named Key Largo Lady, based on the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois. I had to look that up. Ron and his friends are based, it seems, in what looks like some of the most beautiful areas to boat inland of the US. Here’s what he had to say:

Subject: Re: Fish Fillet Knife
I boat with a small group of boaters. The river is controlled by locks and damns and we tend to keep our selves in one pool venturing out to the “quiet waters” to essentially tailgate all weekend long.

The attached photos are from my birthday party at Princeton Beach on Sept 12. Our boats are all powered and vary in size and shape much like the people that own them. Boating is a great equalizer.

We all envy you lifestyle and can’t imagine more than a few days from port. Our fall leaf tour takes place in October and is 56 miles round trip. We pack the boat with 13-15 people and look at the changing leaves. This is an all day adventure that uses all of the resources of the boat. Packing a boat for more than a long weekend of fun is, well, unimaginable… That’s why I watch FOLLOW THE BOAT!!!

Key Largo Lady and friends on the Mississippi
Key Largo Lady and friends on the Mississippi


The funny thing is that despite Ron stating that he envy’s our lifestyle, Liz and I really want to get over to the States and discover, by road and by water, the areas surrounding Ron’s stomping ground. The city names are so familiar from American movies we feel like we know it already. We will be doing a little FTB Extra video feature on this when Liz returns with our new fish knife. Thank you, Capt Ron, you’re a star!

Rediscovering Sailing

On a more touching note we received this wonderful email from a youtube viewer, also from the States. Here’s what Bill Goodall had to say in his message to us:

Subject: LOVE your videos!
Dear Liz and Jamie-
I recently stumbled onto your videos. I haven’t got to delve into the blog yet, for the back-story. I’ll get there . . . BUT- I binge-watched the entire refit series over a couple of days! What moved me, time and again, was the relationships formed throughout the year long process! Seeing the familial bonds develop, the good-natured kidding with the workers, and the wonderful friendships with fellow yachties. I was particularly moved by the fundraising efforts of Totem and her family. What a lovely bunch! Those youngsters are getting an education that cannot be purchased!
I know you were more than anxious to set out from PSS, but it must have been a bittersweet departure, because of the people.
I’m a sailor myself. I’m 63′ still working, and recently widowed. I lost my lovely wife of 30 years to cancer in 2013. We enjoyed chartering a couple times, but I’ve since bought a little Catalina 22, which brings me much joy through the summer months! It is what she wanted me to do . . . To keep seeking joy and happiness. Watching the travels and adventures, (and yes, even the maintenance and repairs!) is part of my current happiness!


Please give Millie a little scratch under her chin from me, too.
Enthusiastically yours,
Bill Goodall
Monroe, Washington, USA
“La Otra Mujer”

I mean, how can you not be moved by that?

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