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The last update we gave you had us stuck in an anchorage waiting for southerlies to blow through whilst we repaired the damage on a rudder on a boat that had hit coral. Phew! Now that the winds have blown through and returned to the usual northerlies we may resume our progress southwards. This is something that we discuss on The Net.

The Net is a kind of interactive VHF radio show held on a certain channel every morning. This is a recording of one such show where we discuss our tactics for entering Sudan and Eritrea. You’ll also hear some positive words from Anthony of ‘Divanty’. Definitely worth a listen…

For obvious reasons we have delayed the publication of this recording until now.

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2 thoughts on “The Net From Luli”

  1. Hi Jamie

    Hope this reaches you on March 10th.

    Happy 40th birthday. I’m sure you will celebrate in style.

    Much love

    A Chris & U Dave.

    PS: Keep the podcasts coming. So interesting – especially during this bleak winter.

    Saw your dad on Saturday. He’s looking great. Only 2 and a half weeks of treatment left!

  2. Thank You for the Luli podcast! It is now a little out of date but good to get some news and to feel a little involved. Especially as we were considering joining you and know so many of you on this great adventure!!!
    I am so glad Divanty’s rudder is in working order again.
    Concerto is getting a major facelift in Greece while we freeze our butts off in the New World in order for me to be creative in my studio!!!

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