The Most Challenging Sailboat Repair Of All Time? Part 2

Here we still are, hauled out at Medana Bay Marina, trying to overcome the most challenging sailboat repair we’ve ever dealt with.

In the previous video we began the frustrating task of sorting out our steering issue, which we believed was being caused by the rudder. The only way to be sure was to take the rudder off and check…

We threw fire and hammers at the recalcitrant skeg and rudder, but still nothing would budge…

Finally, there was an enormous bang-clatter-wallop which got Liz out of her stupor below decks (it’s hot on the hard in Indonesia). She came running up to find out what the disastrous noise meant and was greeted by Hendro, our favourite mechanic.

“The rudder is broken,” he said, half smiling.

The Indonesian way is never to look upset or worried, people tend to be phlegmatic in this country. Liz thought this could mean anything…

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