7 Comments on “The Limboo are a Nepali tribe living in the Himalayan foothills of Sikkim, India….”

  1. Great textures, wonderful pictures! Those old ladies have the look of people who have a story to tell.

    They all looked really pi**ed off though. It makes me wonder what the nose (through the lower septum) ring is all about? Is having multiple wives a characteristic of the Limboo? I guess that style of nose ring would stop them all running off and spending all the hard earned money on shoes, if polygamy is the norm in that culture. Wire through the rings, chain them to a fence with a bike lock, and off to the pub I go!

    Some say a picture is ‘like a thousand words’, I think the best pictures are ‘like a thousand questions’. It’s one of the reasons I really like your style of photography when it comes to portraits.

    ^ Above is meant as a joke. But some cultures do treat women almost like cattle.

    Please carry on the great work. I do plan to visit Sikkim at some point in the not to distant future. I’ll be doing some sailing courses first though.

  2. How I love these photos! The B/W is out perfect, and you could capture so much personality in each of them. Only the 4th seems a little bit strange, maybe focus? I cannot tell, but great anyway.

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