Generator failure

The generator is failing two days before departure

T-minus two till departure and the generator is failing

In this week’s episode, we count down the last few days to departure and finish a few boat jobs.

The rapidly declining generator is starting to become a real problem. Our trusty Honda EU20i 2.0kW has been slowing down and putting out nowhere near its correct power. We’re going to need it over the next two months as we make our way through some very remote areas.

After working with the skipper and engineer at Two Fish (our local dive resort) we realise a trip into Manado, the capital of the province of North Sulawesi, is in order.

The generator is failing two days before departure

We go shopping, drink superb Sulawesi coffee, have lunch with an old friend, Liz gets her hair cut and Jamie finds all those bits and pieces he’s been looking for. And the generator gets sorted (but does it really?)…

There’s a storm at anchor and we get in some kayaking. But the rains bring a deluge of plastic and Jamie has a rant. Come on Indonesia, sort it out!

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1 thought on “The generator is failing two days before departure”

  1. Hi Jamie
    Some Honda 2.0 generators come with an economy feature. This is usually selectable but it electronically reduces the revs (and hence fuel consumption) for charging at lighter loads. About 700 watts seems about right.
    Maybe worth a look.

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