The Followtheboat App Now Released!

Got a tablet or a smartphone? Prefer accessing the wonderful world of t’internet through an app rather than your clunky laptop?

You may be interested to learn that Liz and I have today successfully launched our new followtheboat app! What’s more, it’s free. Free of charge, free of adverts, free of clutter. Just free!

The app, which is currently available for Android (we’re saving our pennies to buy an Apple licence) features all the stuff you’ve come to expect from our website, but neatly packaged into a tidy app that’s easy to manage and even easier to navigate. In fact it’s child’s play, to be honest.

Followtheboat App Features

– our travel adventures
– Liz’s award winning tales
– Jamie’s prize-winning pics
– our weekly podcasts, available to download straight to your device
– our video clips
– easy-to-manage navigation

Where To Download?

It’s available on Google Play here. It’s also been submitted to the Amazon App market but they take a little longer to process so that should appear in a few days at this link.

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