the engine is full of water

How do we decide where to go? (But first, the engine’s full of water!)

A short while after setting off, Jamie went down below because he thought the water and steam coming out of the exhaust looked odd. What did he find? The bilge pump running its heart out and the engine bay full of water.

This wasn’t the start we had hoped for as we made our way out of Bitung.

We’d spent the previous weeks deciding where to go next, because Sulawesi hadn’t been our original intended destination. That’s because before the world shut down and we ended up stuck in Borneo for two years, we had planned to sail to the Philippines. The reason we were now in Indonesia was simply that it had been the first country to open its borders to sailboats on this side of the planet.
As far as we could see, we now had three choices:

  1. North to Davao in the Philippines;
  2. East to Raja Ampat and Sorong;
  3. South to the island of Lombok

the engine is full of waterIn our latest update, we discuss the pros and cons of each destination and explain how we made our decision.

But first, that water pouring into the engine bay…

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