Thailand to Krakatoa!

The next few months of sailing the west coast of Sumatra to Krakatoa are going to be FANTASTIC! Desert islands, friendly locals, surfing madness, dolphins, fishing, AIS scare, pirate scare, lightning scares and the biggest scare of them all – Anak Krakatoa! Woah, can’t believe we’re doing this, but it’s gonna be great.


So this is the start of our 8,500 passage to the Pacific North West. The first leg takes us on a two thousand mile passage along the west coast of Sumatra to Krakatoa, then Jakarta and north to Tioman. And after that, it’s east to Borneo via the Anambas… We should be there by September/October. Phew!

Fasten your seat-belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

We look forward to having you along for the journey, and hope you will comment here or on YouTube as each video episode is uploaded. There will be bonus posts here on the blog, and more detail about each episode, along with anything else which inspires us to write!

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