Taking Time Off Worky

This just in: a poem submitted by Marcus regarding their recent visit to Turkey. Great stuff. Perhaps we should continue to write the log in rhyme!

Marcus And Rach Meet Millie

Rach and I took ten days off worky,
To stay aboard Esper in Turkey,

Excited to be a Yachting Seaman,
With Fizzy Liz and Jamie Demon.

We shat our pants in the taxi ride,
Skimming round the mountain side,

But soon we chilled on the boat,
Stroking a grey and ginger coat,

Twas Millie the Salty Ships Kitty,
She’ll comfort us from bay to city,

From Boynüz Bükü to Gocek,
She rode with us up on deck.

One morn I woke because of a spray.
Looked up at the hatch and screamed “Hey”!

I thought I had wee in my ear,
Coz all I saw was Millie’s rear,

Luckily Liz put me straight…
“Millie’s playing with a fishy mate”.

But fishy mates don’t live long,
Coz Millie’s taste for fish is strong,

She also likes to play with boys,
So Rachel bought some fluffy toys,

Mr Bee and Mr Cat,
And Mr Mouse fancy that!

She’d give them a swipe, then a toss,
Just to show them who is boss!

From Tomb Bay to Fethiye,
She’d Sleep, Eat, Purr and Play.

But she’s also a very clever puss,
She’s well trained and that’s because…

Jamie once yelled “Look at this!”…
“Millie’s on the toilet doing a piss!

Onto Tersane at 45 degrees,
With four sails in the breeze,

I tried to put Millie down the hatch,
But in return I received a scratch,

And worse things were on our way,
As dawn approached our final day,

Millie went missing at sunrise,
We wiped the tears from our eyes,

And kept looking all day long,
Coz Esper without Millie just felt wrong,

Soon we caught a cancelled flight,
God that day really was shite!

Four days passed and then a text,
Millies been found, and she’s not vexed,

She’s a little scared but otherwise perky,
She took a boat to Western Turkey,

Although she enjoyed her little ride,
She knows “The grass ain’t greener on the other side”!

And only then was our holiday complete,
But we still miss those furry feet,

“We haven’t seen you since the Milky Moon,
But don’t worry Millie…we’ll come back soon!”

Love Marcus and Rachel

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