DL Sounds – ‘Get those vibes’

We use DL-Sounds a lot for our audio tracks. They’re a great source of royalty free music and their downtempo/lounge selection is not only extensive but also really good quality. This type of music lends itself perfectly to many of our sailing scenes and ‘Get those vibes’ works perfectly in this week’s video clip.

The Fisherman – ‘Swimming With The Sharks’

Loving this musician called The Fisherman. He’s really prolific and has been putting stuff out for years but this is possibly his most appropriate for our lifestyle. If you can’t see the clip or play it in the website, listen to it here.

Google Earth & GPS For Cruisers & Boat Owners

Many of us are familiar with Google Earth. It’s good fun zooming in and out of the Grand Canyon, getting a bird’s eye view of your childhood house or playing with the built-in flight simulator. Surely there is more to it than this though? In this essay I’ve attempted to provide some pointers, resources and links for the yottie to consider when using Google Earth onboard. It’s probably of little interest to you non-boaty people out there, unless you like playing with Google Earth and all the possible extra data-layers it offers. [Please note this is the last article we’ll be sending out before changing web host company in preparation for our satellite phone blog updates. We’ll be offline in April before returning online with a faster, improved service.]