Our Last Taste Of Paradise

We’ve learnt about the politics of the Maldives, met young, enterprising businessmen and finally seen the ‘other’ side of the Maldives. Mafushi and Guiridhoo were real eye-openers for us, a side of the Maldives we hadn’t expected to see. Having spent quite a few days tied to a mooring buoy in the bay of Guiridhoo, it was time to move … Read More


Christmas At The Taj

Not really for the general public but a few shots of our Christmas Day, which was spent at the Taj Palace Hotel, Wilingdon Island, Cochin.

Liz and I were joined by our friends Mike and Gabi, who were effectively on their honeymoon, and the usual suspects of Terry and Fiona of Roam II and Ants and Div of Divanty.

It is a real pleasure to be eating turkey, brussel sprouts and stuffing whilst supping on a nice glass of Chianti, in India where all of these things are hard to find!