Adapt or die!

Adapt or die

Apart from the weather, continuing knocks and vibrations from our engine were shaping the route and causing delays, so we had to embrace the enforced changes and go with the flow.


Night sailing dangers in Indonesia

The danger of night sailing in Indonesia

Crossing at night is not normally a concern. But the Gulf of Tomini is crowded with rumpons (fish aggregating devices, aka FADs). They lie in wait to snare you in their lines. And more dangerously, their solid floating platforms can put a hole in your boat.


Jamie’s quest for cash

…it rapidly starts to resemble a classical quest, complete with highs, lows, wonderful characters, self-realisation, philosophy and strange, far from home.


Muck Diving the Lembeh Strait

muck diving the lembeh strait

The shallow sliver of water caught between Sulawesi and the small island of Lembeh is the Lembeh Strait, muck diving centre of the world, and a mecca for underwater macro photographers.