A Vessel Is Pirated

On the 24th March this year we published on a transcript of the communication between a NATO warship and a vessel that was being boarded by pirates. It makes for harrowing reading. In this podcast we capture the warship relaying the unfortunate news to a neighbouring Omani warship. We also catch the Net, which is the rally’s daily VHF forum, and listen to the implications of this attack.

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Avoiding Pirates

This podcast is an insight into a very important skipper’s meeting, held on board Mistral, the boat belonging to rally organiser Lo Brust. You’ll hear the lapping dinghies and gentle breeze in the background for authenticity. This is a very important meeting as we discuss the convoy sailing tactics.

This is a very important meeting as we discuss the convoy sailing tactics.

What I love about this podcast is the relaxed attitude we take to motoring into a few headwinds and the expectation of an easy motor sail to Marsa Dudo, 100 miles away.

Also listen out for the blase comment about the military not causing us any problems further down the coast. Needless to say we were kicked out of two anchorages by smiling Eritrean navy personnel.

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How A Convoy Should Work

Here starts the convoy. This is a formation devised by Lo Brust, the rally organiser, to safeguard the boats as we began our journey through ‘Pirate Alley’ Although still in ‘safe’ waters Lo wanted us to get used to the formation as it was difficult to sustain, as we were to find out. This is where the arguments start…

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