Anchoring Carnage

We continued down the coast and past our ultimate destination of Monastery Bay and on towards a lunchtime anchorage we’ve named Crowded Bay. Should have named it ‘Twats In Motorboats’ Bay. Basically it was carnage, with everyone dropping their anchor wherever they wanted. Extra points were awarded for laying one’s chain over another.

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Millie Disappears

When I awoke at 3am this particular night, there was Millie, fast asleep on her throne. When I awoke again at 5am Liz turned to me and just said “Millie’s gone”. Instinctively both of us knew she wasn’t going to return, but we put it to the back of our minds and dozed uncomfortably until 7am when we decided to get up and start looking for her. Our calls aroused nothing but barks from the four dogs who live around the restaurant area on Tersane island.

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