Almost Dying For Aircon

We finally have aircon, but I very nearly paid the price of my life for this luxury. Welcome to auto-rickshaw hell. These vehicles from hell are made of corrugated cardboard, have liquorice wheels and are driven by nutters. In fact it seems the prearequisite to hold a license for one of these things is to drive like a complete arse. Just like my aircon delivery driver. Read how this ride from hell took years off my life. Today’s blog post comes complete with photographic evidence…

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Samsung NC10 Netbook

This is the first in our new series of reviews, entitled ‘Testing, testing…’. In this section we comment on gear we’ve either begged, borrowed or nicked, new or second hand. In fact it’s less of a ‘review’ and more of a ‘how and why we bought this product and here’s how we got on with of it’. By documenting our experiences we hope to impart some useful user experience. Some of the reviews will be ongoing and we encourage your comments.

Before you non-yotties switch off for fear of our first review being about that handy life-raft for on-board cats we thought we’d start with a cool bit of electronic gadgetry, the Samsung NC10 netbook. If you’re looking for a really portable but fully functional PC, you may be interested to learn about this shockingly cheap laptop. For the yotties amongst you this could just be the solution to your on-board computing requirements. Seriously.

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