Aerial Video Footage Of Esper Under Sail!

We did a lot of things this year. We did a lot of new things this year. New people, new experiences, new places and all that. One of the highlights, however, has to be sending Liz up into the sky to get a bird’s eye view of Esper under sail, with Mum and Dad helping to hoist some light wind sails.


Tacking On Esper

After lashing the video camera and tripod to the granny bars we were able to capture some great shots of us tacking Esper. As it happened, after pressing the ‘record’ button we had to do two tacks in quick succession, both of which were caught on one six minute clip. Obviously we’ve edited this for you into a short 1 minute montage. Our fave sailing clip to date!


Sailing Green Island, Antigua

Although we hadn’t yet bought our boat we were well aware of the thoroughbred qualities of a Sparkman and Stevens. Geoff, who hails from the Isle of Wight, is a frequent visitor to Antigua and his fine vessel, ‘Siesta’, is one such example of an S+S. In fact one could argue he’s really a resident, though he often crosses the pond on his own.