Waiting In Darjeeling

Our Pic-of-the-Day today is a candid shot of some locals from Darjeeling waiting for something to happen. What, we don’t know, but the woman above seems to know what’s going on. Click the link or image to see the large version and let us know what you think!

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Coloured Chicks

Dyed chicken, anyone? This photo was taken one Saturday afternoon on our way to the Arattupuzha Pooram elephant festival at a temple in Kerala. Elephant photos are so cliché so how about one of imbued infant avians instead? You’ve gotta love that one lonesome red chick!

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Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition

Those who have been to Turkey may well know this lady… Frui, the creative learning holiday specialist, has awarded followtheboat winner of the August Photography competition. It is held monthly and the theme changes each time. This month’s theme was Portrait and my winning shot features a picture I took in Kekova Roads, Turkey, of an old lady. When I tried to take this shot the lady indicated that she was too old for the camera, saying her face was ‘broken’. I beg to differ; it’s one of the most interesting close-up portraits I’ve taken. Check the link for a peek…

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