what is a bagan

What is a “Bagan”?

It was on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, where Jamie decided to document the “bagan” fishing process properly; it was his most challenging photography project to date. There was a lot of careful balancing on slippery poles in the dark…

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Jodhpur Crowded And Dirty?

Our copy of the Lonely Planet describes Jodhpur as “crowded and dirty”. What utter tosh. Being in India ‘crowded’ is a given but The Blue City is by far the cleanest place we have visited so far (and certainly cleaner than London right now). Its smart clock tower in the centre gives it a friendly market-town ambiance and the streets between our niwas (home-stay) and the centre were wide, airy and populated by some rather grand houses. The wonderful tight back-streets are in stark contrast, but all daubed in a bright blue paint and bustling with locals at work and play. We have three (yes, three!) slide shows to illustrate the grandeur of The Blue City to take your mind off the horror of the London riots.

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