Does living on a boat get old… and other questions answered

Does living on a boat get old? What’s it like as a western woman travelling in Muslim countries? These are just two of the questions put to us by you that we are answering in a new series of Q&A sessions. Each week, Liz and Jamie will take it in turns to answer two questions related to living on a boat, from technical to sailing tips to travel and culture. If YOU have a question you’d like us to answer, get in touch or leave a comment. We’ve included the two videos in this post.

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FTB Sailing Interview #03 | Matt Matson | s/y Aventura

” …all the stuff people are interested: the car you drive; the money in the bank; the cell phone you have. I’ve traded experiences for things. I don’t do a lot of things…” Next up in our series of interviews with sailors, commissioned specially for our Patreon supporters, is Matt Matson of s/y Aventura. A candid chat about life as a liveaboard, leaving old lifestyles behind, changing, fear… and Muslims. This is a special video feature for our Patreon supporters who get to see this clip a day before it goes public, just like all our FTB video blog posts.

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Chopping up stuff in Satun, Thailand

Satun, Thailand – Photos From Our Next Home?

We plan to spend some time on the hard doing some major refitting to Esper. Unfortunately Malaysia doesn’t really figure as a viable option for the amount of work we’re planning so the obvious alternative is to get the work done in Thailand. No great shakes since we’re only 200 miles from Phuket where all the big boat yards are, but there’s another option: head 25 miles east from Langkawi to the mainland and check in to Satun’s boatyard, PSS. Here’s a brief intro to this sleepy town, packed full of images.

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The food market in Kuah

A Brief Introduction To Langkawi

It’s been too long since we last posted a blog update. We’d just sailed 1,500nm in some superb SW winds, but having lost our wind-pilot 200 miles into the trip we spent the rest of it exhausted and battered. Needless to say when we arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia, the last thing on our minds was reading, writing or even talking about sailing. Since then Liz returned to the UK for three months and I became a border-line alcoholic, discovering the delights and frustrations of Langkawi Island.

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Profile Of A Sunni Muslim Community

My latest photo-set: Seelattuparambu is a community of 70 Sunni Muslims in Fort Cochin. Fort Cochin itself is very touristic, pretty and well-to-do and if you didn’t know about Seelattuparambu you’d miss it since its entrance is hidden behind an arched gate-way. Their houses back on to a shared ‘green’ where the cattle graze. This tight-knit neighbourhood is home to our friend Nazar and it is through him that I was able to invite myself along to take some photographs of the residents. These 20 images are what I managed to take in a one-hour gap between down-pours, whilst the women took the opportunity to hang out their washing. These are the extra images from my ‘Preparing Dinner’ set, which I will publish and tell you about in due course. I hope this provides a little eye-opener into a small, unseen community.

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