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We’re using so much music on our videos these days that we’ve decided to hold them all in one place. We have a new Soundcloud account, and each episode we’re adding our tracks for you to listen to at your leisure. You can listen to them as a playlist in the order in which they’re uploaded, or just pick and choose which track you want to hear.

We’ve embedded an audio player into our website. Just go to and you’ll find all the tracks in one easy-to-navigate playlist. Scroll down over the playlist to see all the tracks.

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Gina of ‘Impulse’

When one meets a self-confessed moody old crook who was infamously known as ‘The Bitch of Smithfield’, who hung out with rogues like Drinking John down the meat market, was courting a bank robber and has set light to more cottages and cornfields than I care to count, one imagines getting the imposing Gina to drop her guard to be a bit of a challenge.

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Isabel and Pedro of ‘Issotta’

“I was a nun for many years and Pedro was a priest”, explains Isabel with that angelic smile. “We were
both on a trip to Rome to see the Pope, which is how we met. When we returned to Spain we cast off our robes and decided to go sailing instead”. Just like that? “Yes. We shocked both the church and our families by getting married. Within a month we bought ‘Issotta’, a Dufor 40, and invited our parents to see our future home. Fortunately they loved it and with their blessing we set sail the next day”.

This scoop was just too good to be true: I thought the singing nun was a sixties pop legend, not a bright young sailor from Spain.

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More Loud Cr@p Turkish Pop

I looked out from the cabin and watched as an enormous gullet in the next small bay seemed to be going backwards and forwards and round and round in circles. Later on Jamie identified the boat as belonging to Stuart, a friend of ours from Bodrum.

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Being John Malkovich In Lisbon

Lisbon is as cosmopolitan as Porto is traditional. This is apparent as soon as you hit the streets, which are bustling with travellers, hippies, performers, artists, musicians, Bohemians, and gays. Yes, it seems Lisbon is home to the hom. A wrong look in the direction of one of the many pretty boys here and you could find yourself in a tight spot. Literally.

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